Raw hummus recipeTake several handfuls of well soaked and slightly sprouted chickpeas, and process thoroughly with as many or as few peeled garlic cloves as you like.

Tip; this is the crucial stage to decide the final texture. If you want it smooth, process the chick peas right down, without any crunchy bits left in.

Add several tablespoons of organic tahini, (light or dark to taste) and a generous dash of organic cider vinegar, . You can use freshly squeezed lemon juice if you can get really ripe lemons. (Not in UK, sadly, but if you are in Spain?). Process again and then start adjusting for creaminess (more tahini) acidity, (more cider vinegar) garlic, and to achieve a thick paste or a runnier one, you can add a little water.

This is delicious as a fairly thick paste, in pepper halves or celery sticks, in lettuce leaf rollups or spread on your own seed crackers.  As a runnier sauce it’s good drizzled over a crunchy salad, especially with loads of halved cherry tomatoes and you favourite olives.