“Nourish BodyMind & you will flourish”

A little while ago a former patient reminded me that, over 11 years ago, I had said to her: “If you do not listen to your body your symptoms will persist”. This has the same flavour as the adage ‘Whatever you resist persists’, which I had not heard at that time. Having followed a career development I now find myself, joyfully, involved in work that enables people to discover what their bodies have been trying to tell them for a very long time. Reverse Therapy empowers them to step into their healthier, stronger & truer selves.

Reverse Therapy is a powerful body-mind healing process. To be accurate, it is an educational process which teaches the client to connect with their body’s wisdom, BodyMind, to find out what lies behind their symptoms & to then take action to restore health & wellbeing. BodyMind is the body’s natural intelligence & lies at the very core of our being. BodyMind’s sole interest is our safety & wellbeing, wanting only for us to thrive & celebrate life. I always think of BodyMind as a gentle but firm guardian, having our interests at heart & always on the lookout to ensure our needs are met, importantly our emotional needs. BodyMind is protective & wise, always speaking in the moment about the now.

Unlike HeadMind, our intellectual intelligence, BodyMind is neither judgemental or critical but guides, protects & warns us through feelings, sensations, moods, intuitions, emotions & finally symptoms. Symptoms occur when we ignore BodyMind’s previous communications & is the result of BodyMind having turned up the volume, so to speak, in order to get our serious attention. Whereas emotions were a cue to action, symptoms are an urgent & immediate cue to action. HeadMind uses information, thoughts, images & memories & is based on rules, demands, assumptions, expectations & social pressures. HeadMind is that internal & often incessant chatter full of “I must”, “I should”, “I ought to”, “I have to be”… HeadMind can be obsessive, a tyrant even, is excellent at catastrophising
(inventing those disaster scenarios which invariably never happen), de-pressing, avoiding, blaming, putting on a front, explaining away, creating worry & resentment, seeking approval… Well, I’m sure by now you have a picture! Having said all that we, of course, need HeadMind. When HeadMind & BodyMind are in alignment & in harmony we enjoy good health. Once we allow HeadMind to take control we eventually get out of balance & then become unwell.

BodyMind communicates to us/works through the Emotional Brain, also known as the Limbic System, situated in the centre of the brain. This happens via the Thalamus, Amygdala, Hippocampus, Nucleus accumbens, Locus ceruleus, Hypothalamus, Pituitary & then onto the Adrenal glands & Sympathetic Nervous System, the Glandular, Immune, Digestive, Muscular & Respiratory Systems, Circulation & Skin. How does this happen? Neuropeptides are carried in the blood which go into the organs to tell them what to do. That’s quite enough anatomy/physiology!

In Reverse Therapy we see symptoms as friends & helpers. We honour & respect them for they are here to teach us. It is the work of the Reverse Therapist, together with the client, to investigate these symptoms & symptom episodes & then develop the message lying therein.

There are 3 steps to this-:

1. To teach the client how to connect with BodyMind & to BodyMind’s communications using simple body-focusing techniques.

2. To investigate the history & particularly the onset of symptoms plus recent situations when symptoms were re-triggered or made stronger.

3. To then discover the ‘symptom message’ – the specific, corrective actions BodyMind is calling for in order to dissolve the state of ‘dis-ease’. From here the client explores different actions & activities designed to remove the
body’s need to send symptoms as warning signals, using a journal to track success in reducing symptoms.

With Reverse Therapy you will

• Understand how BodyMind works & communicates with you
• Understand what causes symptoms from a biological/glandular point of view
• Overcome that internal chatter & hindrance from HeadMind & keep ‘in your body’ rather than always being ‘in your head’
• Understand that unexpressed emotions are stored in the body & will eventually lead to ‘dis-ease’
• Learn body focusing skills
• Learn to differentiate between BodyMind communication & HeadMind talk
• Make links between symptoms & external pressures
• Discover what BodyMind is trying to tell you to do about those pressures through the symptoms
• Understand & act on the ‘message of the symptom’ & so reduce then eliminate symptoms
• Resolve long standing pressures & unexpressed emotions rather than blocking them
• Be encouraged to enjoy activities that stimulate & uplift you
• Be supported in a holistic & committed way by me
• Restore balance & harmony to your body thereby stepping into your healthier & truer self

Reverse Therapy is a true breakthrough in the approach to & treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/M.E. & Fibromyalgia because it considers these conditions to arise from a glandular dysfunction which, in turn, produces symptoms. This imbalance is the result of the Hypothalamus in the brain overworking the Pituitary & Adrenal glands. This naturally affects many body systems. Initially BodyMind sends feelings, moods & emotions to let the person know not all is well. Symptoms appear later on & are a call to action. It is this same process which
happens in other non-specific illnesses hence why Reverse Therapy can also effectively treat & resolve or reduce the symptoms of many other conditions. Examples of these are Irritable Bowel Syndrome & other Digestive/Stomach &
Bowel disturbances, Skin problems such as Eczema & Psoriasis, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Performance Anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Depression, Eating disorders, Post Traumatic Stress, Non Specific Pain (e.g. Migraine), Addiction (drugs & alcohol) & some Auto-Immune problems. I am now also working with Reverse Therapy to maximise & maintain good general health & wellbeing. You do not necessarily have to have a particular health condition to enjoy the benefits of Reverse Therapy.

Reverse Therapy is neither counselling nor psychotherapy. It is a BodyMind healing process which comes about when HeadMind listens to BodyMind & they work in attunement rather than in isolation from each other. For this to happen, with tuition & guidance from your practitioner, you begin to understand & work with symptoms & emotions that are guiding you to meet your needs. This, in turn, leads you to notice & take action upon the feelings or more subtle emotions before actual symptoms occur, thus reducing the body’s need to send symptoms in the first place.

Some examples of Reverse Therapy in action
Client ‘A’, a young woman studying for A’ Levels, was utterly overcome by acute anxiety. This impinged on her daily life in a most detrimental way. We worked with the physical & emotional symptoms her condition was giving her & discovered that ‘A’ needed to stop bottling everything up & to speak up for her needs in the moment. After 4 sessions ‘A’ was a happy & relaxed young person enjoying activities that she felt had been beyond her reach before. ‘A’ has since been accepted at the University of her dreams.

Client ‘B’ had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/M.E. for 4 years & went through varying degrees of symptoms. From walking with crutches & sometimes not easily with them, after 5 sessions ‘B’ is now back to full health & at the point of qualifying in the profession of her dreams. Her Reverse Therapy journey uncovered her constant need to always have to be in control, to thinking she needed to prove things to everyone & to accept that it was healthy to ask for help & support when needed & to communicate her needs & wants.

Client ‘C’ suffered from C.F.S./M.E. for well over 15 years. With ‘C’ it was about thinking that she constantly had to push herself, to prove herself, to live up to other’s expectations & totally ignore her own needs. After 5 sessions ‘C’ is now enjoying 2 dance classes a week & a great social life, is gardening, walking daily, happily spring cleaning & generally celebrating life. ‘C’ is in her late sixties!

Apart from listening to their bodies & acting upon their emotional needs, all clients are encouraged to pursue pleasurable activities, find new interests, speak up for themselves & enjoy balance, variety, stimulation & creativity in their daily lives.

Nicky is an Licensed Reverse Therapy Practitioner & has worked as a therapist in the field of natural healing for the last 33 years enabling people to connect with their healthier selves. Her background has been rich & varied & includes being a Yoga Teacher, Massage Therapist, Master Herbalist & Feng Shui Consultant. Nicky now specialises in Reverse Therapy & holistic Life Coaching.

Nicky lives & works in a beautiful area on the Shropshire/North Wales border, known as The Marches. It is 20 mins. from Shrewsbury, 5 mins. from the market town of Oswestry & within easy reach of Chester, Telford, North Wales & The West Midlands.

Nicky Jevon
Licensed Reverse Therapy Practitioner
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