Musing upon the feelings surrounding the ever changing cycle of the seasons and thereby of life and that Samhain is upon us, The Festival of Remembrance, a beautiful vixen came to me. Her colouration echoes the tones of Autumn turning into Wintertime. In the world of colour, Fox’s rich orange, deep russet, auburn and coppery glow are indicative of a strong lifeforce, a deep love and commitment to life, an earthy spirituality, being stout-hearted and resilient.

Her guidance: There is no need to fear the dark or the darker forces, the unknown, the complex or mysterious. All is part of a dynamic life, an evolving labyrinth of experiences that can be honoured and celebrated no matter how challenging or distressing they may be. Just as within the animal, plant and mineral worlds, natural and forced adjustments are here, though for humans these are currently posing much to overcome. At this potent time the veil between the physical world and realms of the spirits is very thin, a gossamer curtain only. By the light of the moon, that translucent veil can be dissolved and magic may manifest.

Samhain marks the end of a complete cycle on the wheel of life and is celebrated as a new year in Celtic tradition. It was said that as a new year is born, we are all reborn. With this come new hopes, dreams and aspirations. Fires were lit to symbolise the cleansing or purification from the old year,
enabling one to be more ready and stronger for the year to come. The ashes from the Samhain fires were then scattered upon Mother Earth to help with the enrichment of her soil. Cakes, ale, cider and mulled wine were verily enjoyed. Prayers to departed loved ones were offered. All life, visible and unseen is honoured. It was/is a time for reflection, for taking stock, for letting go of the past so that we are not hindered therein.

Fox energy is powerful. Vixen and her kin have known many struggles, deceit, entrapment, terror, pain and more. Yet, their courage, their spirit lives on through thick and thin. They excel in camouflage and powers of observation without being seen, and have a clarity of vision to discern between falsehoods and truths. These are indeed gifts and we can learn from them at this time. Just like Vixen, during these dark days we can learn/discover what our true talents or skills are. This is an important time for self-knowledge, finding strengths, courage, grace, abilities and versatility.
Run free dear Vixen and all of the Fox Clan.

Stay free dear folk, keep the flame burning brightly in your hearts.
There are three candles that illumine every darkness:
truth, nature and knowledge.
Ancient Irish triad