As the soft golden-amber glow of October illumination departs, we welcome the festival of Samhain. ‘Tis time to adjust to the new energies that come with November light, Scorpio influences coming into full swing and Wintertime. Once we accept the changes, though they may feel intense, this leads the way forward into a new phase full of its own rich possibilities. This coming Winter is going to ask us to delve into our inner resources within which we absolutely must remain grounded and centered, standing steadfastly in our own power, in truth, courage and with dignity. ‘Tis also time to give thanks for all that we have, for Nature’s bounty and for loved ones, special folk, animals and plants who have departed. The veil between worlds is thin at this time, and our messages are important.
In Celtic tradition Samhain ushers in a new year.

Still now we have many flowers that grace us with their presence: the smiling, vibrant orange Calendula, the mystical blue of Cornflowers, soft scarlet Hesperantha, magenta dancing Fuchsia, happy yellow Welsh Poppy, smoky violet spires of Bear’s Breeches, sun-following golden Rudbekia, nectar-rich pink Sedum, lilac and indomitable Autumn Crocus, the last of the pastel coloured Asters, the arching stems of bold, fiery-red Crocosmia/Montbretia, the mysterious purple of Periwinkle, white Feverfew daisy stars, plus the last cherished roses, ripening rosehips and the gloriously coloured Autumn leaves. A tapestry of soul food! I expect your garden or surroundings has many gifts too. Talking of Rosehips, remember Rosehip Tea this Winter (for Vitamin C and more, and full of rosy love), especially if sourced from our own native wild rose: Rosa canina, the Dog Rose.

We may well be spending more time indoors, whether by dictum, diktat or by choice, and so this is a good opportunity to grow fresh, nourishing goodness within the home. Let us eat wisely this Winter as we need to remain strong and alert. Providing you have a window sill, you can grow your own microgreens/indoor greens (sometimes referred to as Baby Greens): full of easily assimilated chlorophyll vitality from amino acids (thereby vegetable protein), enzymes, minerals, vitamins.…
In the Autumn I clear a south facing window sill and another surface where I grow microgreens. In this photograph are the current indoor greens: Rambo Radish, Broccoli, Pea Shoots, Daikon Radish and 3 trays of Beet Leaf, in the middle of which are the last of the peppers and tomatoes ripening in the October sunlight.

You can grow a variety of other microgreens from the following seeds: Buckwheat, Chia, Cress, Flax/Linseed, Fenugreek, Mung, Mustard, Spelt grain, Sunflower, Swiss Chard, Wheat grain. Some will benefit from soaking pre–sowing – follow supplier’s guidance. Many give advice and recipes too. e.g. and Aconbury Sprouts Also go to my dear friend Elaine
Bruce’s website and/or read her book: Living Foods for Radiant Health, The Authentic Guide to Using Fresh and Raw Foods. Elaine is a pioneer in the field of raw and living foods and a great Naturopath, a warrior in her own field and beyond.

This the morning of 1st November, I was gifted the privilege of being able to observe a gorgeous and dainty Wren going about her business. Wrens often appear for me, however never for this long. I am reminded of the symbolism of the Wren being indicative of wisdom, divinity, humility, gentleness, subtlety and inherent skills especially the ability to outmanoeuvre; also, that though we may think/perceive ourselves to be small in the grand scheme of things, we are indeed more powerful than we realise. Wren has such a close relationship with/attunement to the earth, we can learn from her example and use her astuteness and swiftness in the face of challenges and opposition. Wren reminds us to focus now on what we really need, then we will be able to create a new and empowering alternative in the times to come. We have the tools within us to make change. I have just remembered what I used to call the Golden Guidelines of Feng Shui:

1. What do I want to do or change?
2. What do I need to do to achieve this?
3. What do I need to do within myself to bring this about?