1. Take 500 ml of tinned coconut milk (at least 90% coconut milk), allow this to ferment in a warm place with kefir (or another probiotic such as Mutaflor) for at least two to three days. This allows any sugars or carbohydrates to be fermented out. It should taste slightly sharp.
  2. Pour the warm ferment into a food processor, leave a little behind in the jar in order to make the next batch (you do not need to use a new sachet of Kefir every time because one culture can be grown from the previous).
  3. Add about 125ml coconut oil – you do not have to be very accurate with this but roughly ¼ of the total volume of ferment. The most important thing here is that this coconut oil must be warmed up so it is an oil – if you add this as a solid then the final product has a slightly granular texture.
  4. Whip it up in the food processor before the mix cools too much.

The above produces a white liquid with the consistency a little bit more runny than single cream. Pour this into a pot and store it in the fridge where it firms up to a delicious texture. I’m off to make some now!