Dr Ann Wigmore taught a traditional Eastern European sauerkraut method, which we also have taught here for many years. The problem with modern cooked and processed food is the destruction of plant enzymes, and the gradual invasion of unhealthy gut flora, leading to all kinds of digestive problems. A live raw sauerkraut, eaten daily, is an effective way to get the flora rebalanced. If things have got really out of hand, you might consider an excellent probiotic for a few weeks, as well, and yes you have to be strict about sugar, including most fruits, but there is no substitute for the regular habit of eating a tasty, tangy kraut, made in your own kitchen and eaten young, or kept for many weeks, depending on taste.

Most commercial krauts are virtually pickled, with added salt, not the same thing as an enzyme-packed homemade relish, glowing with colour, stirred into a green smoothie, made into a ( vegan, protein rich ) mayonnaise, as an accompaniment to a ripe avocado, or alongside a helping of coconut yoghourt with a spoonful of acid berries.
Look for the quick method sauerkraut recipe later in the month…….