Sunflower seeds, red cabbage sauerkraut and Rejuvelac.

This is so easy when you have your living foods kitchen up and running.
Take soaked sprouted and redried sunflower seeds from the store cupboard. (you do keep a store of soaked and redried seeds and nuts don’t you?)
If not just soak some overnight and use them next day.
Whizz in blender to a thick sauce consistency with rejuvelac.
(Im assuming you always have rejuvelac on hand!) If not, try it.
It is the easiest way to replenish gut flora, and to make seeds and nuts more digestible.
Stir in loads of red cabbage sauerkraut, home made not pickled or salted.
Again, if your living foods kitchen is fully operational you’ll have this on hand too,
Then drop spoonsful on dehydrator sheets.
The fermented ingredients give a completely different cookie, lighter in consistency and in taste.
If you are not up to speed in these Living Foods staples, you can find  the recipes on the website, in Elaine’s book or subscribe to Elaine’s YouTube clips so you get the demonstrations as they come out.