Next time you make some cashew cheese, (recipe HERE) use a kilo of organic cashews. Mix half of it with the cucumber and chopped mint as described. Use half of the flavoured cheese for a creamy pate to serve with a fresh green salad. Use the other half of the minty cheese for delicately textured dehydrator crisps ( they have the light crispness of noisettes ) and start them off in the dehydrator while you get really messy with the next stage.

You will need a big pack of kale from the market, or equivalent from the allotment.

Discard the kale stems and finely chop the leaves. Rinse in salted water and shake off excess water. Place in a big bowl together with the other half of the basic cashew mixture. Add some nutritional yeast, start with 200 grams the first time, and see how you like the taste. This has a salty tang, so if you add salt, sprinkle it sparingly. You can also add a few garlic flakes, and finally a sprinkle of sesame seeds, black and/or white.

Now you may want to don some close fitting kitchen gloves, roll your sleeves up and start massaging the mixture. Spend a few minutes rubbing the mix thoroughly into the leaves, adding a dribble of oil, (olive, flax, or any other you have to hand) if it is too dry to work it. Be careful not to add too much oil.

When the mix is as free of lumps as possible, take smallish handfuls, form into a rough balls or clusters, and dry on oiled sheets at 40 degrees in the dehydrator. You could use an oven on a very low heat, but be careful not to over dry them.

These are great with a raw green energy soup, or a lightly cooked vegetable summer soup, or just as a snack.