Sea Vegetables treatments have become a popular sight at expensive spas, being one of the most expensive and sought after treatments. Why is this? Sea vegetables are one of the most powerful and important healing foods known to man. Our ancestors knew the value of this easy to find and easy to use resource, and sea vegetables have been popular for thousands of years to support the fertility of the land and the health of the population. The Vikings used dulse as an important source of vitamin C and so were able to avoid scurvy on their long sea voyages, one of the many reasons for their success in navigating and conquering the western world.

Firstly we must realize that sea vegetables are a complete food, even for mammals. There is a population of sheep who live on North Ronaldsay in the Orkney Islands. These sheep live exclusively on seaweed, and in the winter, when the winter storms throw greater quantities of seaweed onto the shore, they grow fat and their coats grow thick and curly.

One of the most important reasons for valuing sea vegetables comes from their concentrated mineral content. Seaweed which is constantly bathed by the mineral rich sea, contains all the major minerals we need and all of the valuable trace elements which have been lost from many of our soils. This is very important for our health, as deficiencies in trace elements are difficult to spot in the short term, but inevitably lead to long term ill health, which is usually accepted as the aging process and left untreated. Many of our enzymes need trace minerals in order to function more effectively and so the twinning of living foods, (enzyme rich food), and sea vegetables are a power-packed healing combination.

Sea vegetables are an important source of vitamins, containing all the known vitamins. One delicious and easy recipe for sea vegetables, at this time of year is to make the most of the wonderful cranberry. I like to use a combination of sea vegetables which I grind into a powder. Take a couple of teaspoons of this mixture and put it in 1.5 pints of water in the blender. Let the sea vegetables hydrate for 10 mins or more, then blend and sieve, retaining the seaweed for later use. Return the mineral rich soak water to the blender and add 2 handfuls of fresh cranberries and 1 handful of fresh pineapple to supply enzymes and add sweetness. Blend, sieve and drink. Change the proportions of the cranberries to pineapple for your personal taste.

I usually drink about a pint of this once or twice a day in the winter and find it an effective way to ward of coughs and colds and to maintain energy levels during the dark days. The soaked sea vegetable powder should then be used with food. It goes well in soups, salads and as a seasoning for vegetables. Be willing to use your imagination, and your house plants would be glad on any that remains at the end of the day!

Dr Jane Jamieson teaches short workshops on the healing benefits of sea vegetables, using them either in food or on the skin. If you are interested in either attending one of her workshops or hosting a workshop in your area, she would be interested in hearing from you.