2021 – a pivotal year

It seems that the silver-white and golden radiant energies wish to be heard and felt this year. Though not colours of the spectrum, Silver and Gold nevertheless have very potent luminous, vibrational influences. Silver and Gold offer an equilibrium, reminding us of the balance between quietude and activity, discernment and empowerment, respect and assertiveness.

SILVER – the feminine principle. Silver glistens, is soft and sensuous, gentle and tranquil. It reflects the energy of stars and the heavens, whereby intuition is deepened as are powers of observation, perception and integrity. Silver encourages a spirit of purity and purpose, originality and versatility. It supports the release of congestion or stagnation on many different levels particularly emotionally. Silver encourages the awakening or further understanding of one’s true or higher nature. It offers a richness of spirit. Silver is the light of the moon and the light in woman.

As we enter the epoch of Aquarius, being an Air sign, it is timely that Silver-white comes to the fore. This colour is associated with the Spirits of Air, those gloriously ephemeral Sylphs who float, flow and surf through wind and cloud. By their very nature they are light, airy and full of swift, yet deliberate, movement. Their shapeshifting appears effortless and magical.

Sylphs are great examples of letting the energy of life blow through us, thus bringing in fresh ideas, thoughts and insights. They encourage us to breathe deeply and fully. In this way we inhale new energies and by so doing find our way clearer upon our soul’s journey. ‘Be open to change’, they convey, ‘otherwise stagnation will take hold’. Perish the thought! ‘Dogma has no place’ they exclaim. ‘Blow those outmoded beliefs away and anything else that no longer serves or is holding anyone back’.

Although at home in the skies above, I feel sure Sylphs love to dart in and out of tall trees and plants. I sense they are friends of birds, butterflies and dragonflies, and feel sure they are messengers of the Sky God. I am reminded of the adage that until we spread our wings, we will have no idea how far or high we can fly. Many possibilities are before us, we simply need to see through the dross.

GOLD – the male principle. Gold shines warmly and boldly. It can bring clarity upon a perceived struggle, illumination upon the resolution and the wisdom to learn from the experience. Gold is a no-nonsense colour. It is about one’s personal inner power and potential, also gold’s influence can
help us teach others to find their own power and its judicious use; one’s resourcefulness and vision; keeping one’s inner flame glowing; allowing one’s creative imagination to explore possibilities that are filled with adventure and light . Gold is the light of the sun and the light in man.

The element of Fire is complemented by that of Air. The Spirits of Fire, the Salamanders, grace us with their resplendent dancing presence visible within flames. A flame, of course, has many hues and so the Salamanders would be the most colourful of the elemental beings in shimmering tones of gold, orange, blue, purple, pink and red. Providing we allow them to, Salamanders can fuel our inner fire keeping the fire in our belly alive and well; can transform and transmute blockages; can enable us to channel our energies fully and without dissipation.

I sense that Salamanders are enraptured within a beguiling, mystical dance and that they are able to be close to the earth, within the earth’s core even. They would be just as at home within the rays of the sun, atop a volcano or part of lightning. Shimmering Salamanders can re-ignite the energy within our Solar Plexus, enabling it to have the radiance that is natural to it. These beings of light bring brightness and warmth, convey expansiveness and liberal thought. They can inspire our creative imagination to know no bounds or negative ties.

The sense of sight is associated with the Solar Centre/Chakra due to light being a quality of fire and we need light to see, other than internal seeing. The assimilation of food is governed by activity from this chakra. The stronger and higher vibration this centre has, the better one absorbs goodness and energy from food. We will need energy in 2021 as there will be much to absorb and assimilate. With this in mind, let us sow/plant sunflowers galore! and many more golden-yellow flowers.

The noble Lioness/Lion is also associated with Gold for her/his courage and strength, measured use of energy and resourcefulness, prowess, together with being so centered in her/his core. They wish to share authenticity and fearlessness with us.

May the silvery light of the Moon and golden glow of the Sun be yours to embrace now and always.

Nicky X X