Image courtesy Pixabay

The wheel of the year has turned once more.  The energy around this Autumn Equinox is that of being still, looking up, yet also being grounded, so that we may be inspired, calmed or nourished.  The very special, soft autumnal glow is upon us and calls for replenishment, reflection or consolidation, whichever our heart or soul desires.

As we celebrate and give thanks for the year thus far and this ‘season of plenty’, we can inhale the fullness of it all: the easy and the challenging, the simple and the powerful, the highs and the lows, the twists and the turns, the gains and the losses, things learnt and unlearnt, things shared….  Each has given its very own perfume and colour to our lives.

Like Mother Nature, we too can overcome or adjust to the many changes we face throughout the year.  Each day will call for different qualities in us all.  Her guidance is that of finding both flexibility and contentment.  These will sustain us.

Our divine scarlet rose wished to be included here and her message for all is beautifully simple: Keep the glint in your eyes and love in your being.

Wishing you a contemplative, rewarding and pleasurable season ahead, Nicky X