No, not cleaning behind the fridge! Its time to overhaul your internal workings.

Nothing drastic, but most people can manage a day on 3 or 4 juices, with plenty of clean water in between,  a good session with a dry skin brush, if you’ve neglected that recently, and time for some aerobic exercise. Not gym based for preference, but a brisk walk or jog, or get the rebounder out in the garden.

Next step, to really help your liver  catch up after the winter, is a gentle liver flush. Daily for a few days, if you are new to this, or up to a month if you can.

It’s an excellent habit to cleanse the liver periodically, especially in spring or early summer. This  promotes the flow of bile, which is essential for fat digestion, elimination of waste products, and encourages healthy bowel movement to excrete the waste.


Liver Flush Recipe

250 ml organic apple juice

250 ml filtered water

1 whole organic unwaxed lemon with zest removed. Leave the pith on.

1Tbsp organic virgin olive oil

1 clove garlic

one small piece fresh ginger root (half little finger size)

half tsp turmeric powder


Blend thoroughly and drink at once, as soon as made, first thing in the morning.

Follow with a good detox tea formula (from your herbalist, or make your own*) . Or just use a good peppermint or ginger tea.

Don’t eat for half an hour at least.

As you get used to it, you can gradually increase the oil, garlic and ginger to four times the amounts listed.

The water and applejuice stay the same at 250 mls each

Just a few days is helpful, but a full flush should be daily for a month

*Ingredients from G. Baldwin and Co