Spring Newsletter – April 2018

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Adams lambs!!!

At last, some spring blossom is emerging, and my garden birds are ruthlessly tearing up whatever is in their way to find food for the fledglings which are noisily residing in my roof space.  There are a few outdoor lambs now, but many have had to be indoors, even the hardy ones which normally stay out.
My front garden (patch of pebbles) looks respectable, but I daren’t show you the back.
Kevin recently helped to tame the climbing roses which are now established, and I hope to be surrounded by them in June while reading in the midsummer sun.

Campaigns Page and an apology

A recent addition to the website is a campaigns page. This started with information on the Shale Gas industry with its horrendous record of pollution, environmental damage, and significant dangers to health for those living near wellsites.   This is well documented in Australia and USA, where they have been fracking for some years.

My immediate interest was in the long term health effects of poisoned water, and of poisonous gases released into the air. And the inevitable contamination of the soil in which we grow our food  Many of these companies have a cavalier attitude  to environmental rules, even health and safety of their own workers. That alone is a reason to stop the industry getting a foothold in the UK, and we will all have to do something about it, or the government wont budge.

So my apologies: the updated versions of the courses have taken a backseat for a while, and some of you have been wondering about the delay. They are now complete, and the backlog of enquiries will now be answered, with my thanks for your understanding and patience.

My attention for the last few months has been on researching the background (it takes simply ages to find, read and interpret facts) and raising awareness through social media .  Also talking to people in Shropshire. Many people in the UK are still unaware of the dangers, or think it wont affect them. Please have a look at the ANTIFRACKING CAMPAIGN PAGE at https://livingfoods.co.uk/category/anti-fracking-campaign/
For a factsheet, a list of organisations/websites to join and follow and a record of my main posts.

You will notice there are also some posts on the subject of 5G. Another disastrous danger to health. Existing Wifi is well proven to cause brain tumours and other cancers, as well as destroying memory,. 5G adds a very powerful microwave to the mix, which could further impair the DNA of users, especially children and young people, in a few short years. AND they plan to cut down ALL mature trees to enable their small line-of-sight cameras to work.

How long will I have this view, if 5G goes ahead?

I am telling you about all this today, while I have your attention, and hope very much that you will visit the page, download the PDFs and share them widely. Do a bit of your own fact finding, and watch the extremely informative YouTube and Facebook material.  I especially recommend Ian R Crane’s live weekday morning broadcasts from wellsites, the Fracking Farmhouse, and frack-off.org.uk

In a few weeks I will be back in my personal bit of heaven, which is Cumbria.
I will join the womens walk at Preston New road in Lancs (google it?) come and join us?, and hope we can prevent Cuadrilla from drilling. They are very close to it, and it would open the way to thousands of well sites right across the north of England.
The area already under licence includes the homes and workplaces of about 13 million people yes, thirteen million, and would industrialise some of the most lovely countryside in the UK.
By the way don’t swallow the PR about environmental regulations. They are not being monitored, let alone enforced.

See our campaigns page here
Ian R Crane (website) and YouTube Channel
Fracking Farmhouse


But it wont be the last newsletter!
From now on, if you would still like to receive them, please friend, follow or connect with me. They will go out via social media, also in future they will be accessible on the website. See the LINKS BELOW.

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