The summer salads are appearing in gardens and polytunnels now, so start with spicy spring onions, freshly picked tomatoes and cucumber, and the first baby courgettes.

The protein rich mix is a quick and simple dish of red pepper, courgette, and pumpkin seeds, roughly chopped/processed to leave some texture.

Stir in some pomegranate seeds, and add loads of finely chopped sage leaves, for a really savoury dish. The crackers are the same mixture, processed to a softer texture, and dehydrated til crisp. And no salad is complete without a serving of home made sauerkraut for a sharp tasting contrast and some of your own homegrown baby sunflower and buckwheat greens.

If you haven’t tried growing these yet, have a look at our short demonstration video. they are so easy to grow, and as nutritious as they are delicious – watch the indoor green planting demonstration