The Summer Solstice, when the sun is at peak power, is a time when expression on many levels is facilitated. Just like the sun radiating great energy, Nature all around us is in full expressive swing. We are at the pinnacle of the solar year – a time to stand still and absorb what the natural world has to say or show us.

We all have a love for trees, especially our native ones who have been with us since the end of the last ice age. They are almost part of our DNA! In so many cultures trees were/are seen as a source of spiritual nourishment and
wisdom, given much respect and prominence. Just as plants and trees communicate between themselves and their surrounding companions, the trees have been and are calling us humans. Something our tree friends know
all about is the acceptance of the rhythms of life, also about being subjected to malign intent (no reference of course to current events!). Yet, they continue to honour us with their presence, humility and sagacity.

Throughout history and to different peoples on the planet, the Tree of Life has long been a potent symbol, with each belief system/tradition honouring their particular tree. That said, throughout the world the Oak is considered very sacred. Sacred Groves feature the world over too and can play a big part in tree conservation. I understand up to ten thousand tree species are under threat. So, let us plant more trees and may their roots settle comfortably within
Mother Earth and their leaves reach up to the Sky and Sun. Let us also remember or study tree lore, or simply listen for the whispers from the trees.

From the Spirit of Oak:
You are mightier than you think. Feel my strength and it is yours.

From the Spirit of Alder:
Listen to the ‘waters’ that flow through your life.

From the Spirit of Pine, in this case Pinus sylvestris our native Pine, the Scots
Know me well.

Majestic Oak, epitome of British woodlands, is home to hundreds of different species, let alone its many visitors and those who seek refuge therein. Remember the old saying ‘Hearts of Oak’, representing the potential steadfastness, fortitude and soundness within folk. The Oak, a tree of such magnitude, who is so willing to share its strengthening and protective qualities, does not dwell in fear or vacillation.

The Alder, a pioneering tree with a powerful root system and who loves water. Its boughs reach out over rivers and streams as if in a dance, creating natural sculptures and magical reflections upon the water. So amazing it is that Alder’s wood does not rot when waterlogged, it gets stronger! I sense there is a hint here as to its guidance. Let us not be drowned by emotional overload.

The Scots Pine, another pioneer who can live in inhospitable places, is the only Northern European Pine to have survived the ice age and then recolonised. There is a wildness and a determination about the Scots Pine that seems to carry so much history and ‘medicine’. Healing-wise Pine needles are strongly antiseptic, encourage healthy circulation, good for bronchial complaints, arthritic and rheumatic conditions, general debility and nervous exhaustion.

Sadly many Pines were hacked down and native pinewoods became rare. However the last few decades have seen the replanting and conservation of this noble tree. Unfortunately though this has been done in a regimental, plantation style, bearing no resemblance to ancient pinewoods. Traditionally Pines were planted in prominent positions thus serving as invaluable signposts for drovers, traders and travellers thereby creating a network of
pathways. These waymarkers were deeply significant as they often led to standing stones, churches and hill-forts.

To access the inner resourcefulness, stability and steadfast strength of Oak; adaptability, enthusiasm and dancing presence of Alder; the capabilities and healing gifts of Pine, we can do so vibrationally. After having a chat with your
chosen tree, pick a few leaves and/or needles. Place them, not mixing species, in a clear glass jar/bottle/jug/large glass or whatever you have available in clear glass. Place on a sunny windowsill for 3 hours for added solar energy. If
you wish to also draw in lunar energy then leave in moonlight overnight. Decant the energised and vibrational water into a bottle, maybe with a spray insert, then return the leaves to Mother Earth. You will now have the tree’s
energetic essence.

You can then sprinkle or spray around your aura, around anywhere in your home that needs attention, around pets and plants. Your magical water can also be applied to energy centres or pressure points e.g. soles of feet, backs of knees, base of spine, lower abdomen, Hara centre (just below navel), palms of hands, inner wrists, inner elbows, heart area, thymus area (between heart and throat), throat, base of neck, third eye centre and top of skull.

Many many Summer Solstice blessings to you, Nicky