Soak 250 to 500 grams (for 3 to 6 people) sunflower seeds overnight and let them sprout until next day if you have time, otherwise use them as soon as they are soaked.

Put them in the blender with a little rejuvelac or plain water to make a thick sauce consistency.
Tip this into a sprout bag or a square of muslin, tie securely and hang up to drip for a few hours until you have a soft pate or “cheese” consistency.

Chop some salad onions into tiny pieces (or finely dice a medium red onion) Dice a large red pepper, and finely grate a large carrot.

Turn the pate into a bowl and thoroughly mix in the vegetables.

Heap the mixture onto a large platter and surround with watercress or alfalfa sprouts.

OR press into a bowl, and turn out as a loaf shape and garnish with flowers and herbs.