JUICE gives you CONCENTRATED enzymes vitamins and minerals with next to no effort from the digestive system, because fibre is removed. You could call it SUPER NUTRITION

It is absorbed very quickly, and you can feel the extra energy within a few minutes. This makes it invaluable for people who are sick, and who need all their energy to recover.
Your digestive system uses LOADS of energy. Your body tells you that, every time you fall asleep after too a heavy meal 🙂
Sick people also need to alkalinise fast, and a few juices a day will do that.

It is also great for everyone else, because you can add a (morning preferably) juice to your life comparatively easily. You get all that nutrition boost, also reduce your appetite, so you don’t get tempted to use so many carbs.

But note you need to “CHEW” your juice for best absorption. That means don’t drink it down.
Swish each mouthful round the mouth to mix thoroughly with the salivary enzymes, before swallowing.

BLENDING the same fruits and veggies will also give you the nutrition content and the alkalinising.
BUT How much fibre can you eat at a sitting? Blended or not? So you can call this EXCELLENT NUTRITION, but its limited in the amount you can use.

Fact is you couldn’t possibly eat your way through the massive amount of blended greens and veggies to get the same essential nutrients you get from a good juice in a few minutes.
and you can use several juices a day with no overeating effects. A big advantage of blending is that you can eat two or three times the amount of salad stuff you would normally put on your plate.
but read on, you still need fresh salads for balance.

Make a robust green energy smoothie, and add an avocado or some nut cream or sunflower seed sauce to make it a meal in itself. ASK ELAINE for recipes
Again you need to CHEW each mouthful to get the nutrients. Don’t forget all the fibre is in there and it will cause problems if not thoroughly mixed with enzymes.

Neither Blend nor juice is a substitute for using your teeth to chew through a BIG FRESH SALAD. You need one of these every day too.
I call this POTENTIALLY EXCELLENT NUTRITION. because it depends on you how well you digest it.
How well do you chew? Do you reduce every mouthful to liquid before you swallow it? If you do congratulations.

If you don’t you are wasting quite a bit of food and giving your body extra work to do.
What you do swallow won’t be efficiently digested, and you might get fermentation and bloating, both bad news for the gut, and in the end you will only absorb a fraction of the nutrients!
This is not a reason for not having a daily fresh raw salad!
You need all three methods for super health and as you can see thorough chewing is crucial for full absorption of nutrients.

We can show you how quickly this way of eating makes you feel great, as well as teach you a lot of recipes and kitchen techniques.
If you can’t make it to a course just yet, have a go yourself, and let us know how you get on.