COLOUR OF THE MONTH, December 2017

Violet December by Nicky

Violet – one end of the spectrum and of our much admired and loved rainbow, and soon it will be the end of our year.  ‘What a year’ many would exclaim! 

Violet is often referred to as PurplePurple does have its own personality though.  It is purposeful, rich and majestic, vibrant and intriguing and has a vital force all of its own.  It is more playful than its violet cousin, yet has a pioneering spirit.  It is a useful colour to wear when feeling fragile.  Those drawn to purple are bold and courageous or need to be!  They have flare and originality, providing they allow these to come through.

Of the seven rays – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet – violet has the highest frequency/vibration.  Our inspiring violet friend offers a kindness that no other colour does in quite the same way.  It offers a sanctuary for the weary soul, for those whose spirits have been subdued or suppressed.  Violet can return mental equilibrium in troubled times and acts as a balm to an agitated system.  Violet encourages self-respect, dignity, creative thinking and a spiritual outlook.  It enables one to function from a place of calm, clarity, simplicity and discernment.  Violet enables one to understand and honour one’s authentic and wise self.  With violet comes spiritual nourishment.  It can also stimulate the poet, artist, musician, mystic or healer within.

Lovers of violet will be sensitive, empathetic and ready to serve humankind, animalkind, and/or our planet.  Their presence is quietly powerful.  Their self-assured, approachable and equable natures imply understanding and fellowship, sincerity and loyalty.  Their standards are high both for themselves and others, some would say too high.  They will find contentment in their own company and accept the need for a personal retreat.  A spiritual path underpins who they are.  A violet, amethyst or lilac flame lights their way bringing deep insight and heightened vision heralding the wings of transformation or change.

When out of balance lovers of violet can be overly serious, easily upset, dogmatic or neurotic, go within or overwork.  If so, then colour your day with golden yellowViolet will help ease congestion, high temperature, raised blood pressure, neuralgia and conditions affecting the head or cerebral faculties; it benefits the nervous system, soothes and tranquilises; it brings succour and restful sleep; it can be a profound ally in meditation and healing.

Wishing you the panache of purple and the penetrating peacefulness of violet as we celebrate Yuletide, reflect upon the year and give thanks for all that we have. 

Be kind to yourselves too!  Nicky