May days vary between a few sizzling hot hours and quite chilly times, but overall it is the best time to establish a light protective tan, while replenishing your vitamin D.
Try to get a few minutes daily, with as much skin exposed as you can.
Lengthy sunbaths are counterproductive, make a lot of us uncomfortably hot and over-energised, and of course damage the skin by burning. My personal rule is that as soon as a burning sensation begins, it’s time to get under the sunshade, or don a high protection factor long sleeved sports shirt. For a short period, let the sun shine on the top of your head to stimulate the pituitary gland. A visor lets you do this as well as shading your eyes. At other times, it’s definitely ok to wear a wide brimmed hat, kids women and men alike. I have many reservations about toughing  it out under slathers of chemical filled sunscreens. Well, would you eat the stuff? It’s getting through your skin to your bloodstream, so ending up throughout your system, including your brain!
So, keep the floaty sarongs til the Sun is losing power at the day’s end, and remember our ancestors mostly grew up either in forests, or in savannah grassland, with a percentage of woodland.