Now is temptation time, for stodge, and maybe even sugar!

Green smoothie - Living FoodsKeep going with the green smoothies though, because continuing that high intake of bio available minerals vitamins and enzymes, all packaged in chlorophyll, will help protect against winter bugs.
It also is more likely to energise you to get outdoors, or do a session on your rebounder, than send you to sleep.

To make it more of a cold weather dish, try filling the blender goblet with hot water to warm it before you blend. And use warm (not hot, to preserve the enzymes) water when you blend the greens.

Finally choose a thickener like avocado, banana, or a rich almond or cashew cream, pour into a warmed bowl and sprinkle seeds over it. This makes it a more satisfying and substantial meal, to keep you going through the colder months.

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