The Season Changing from Autumn to winter brings coughs and colds: What to do?

Well try not to resort to antibiotics unless you have a real chest infection. Even then, ask your herbalist for help before your GP. Ordinary colds are best treated with rest, very light eating, preferably just juices, maybe a fresh salad, NO heavy food, LOADS of liquids, including a squeeze and a slice of lemon in warm water as many times a day as you like for a few days. BIG doses of Vitamin C, throughout the day (you can take Vit C to bowel tolerance) and good quality Echinacea helps.

Difficult to do if you are at work all day, but REST as much as you can, at least get to bed really early, and keep the windows open. Get outside a couple of times a day if you can for a walk or just sit in the garden wrapped in a rug.

And for next year, build up your vitamin D. Strip off for half an hour if you can most days. It doesn’t need a baking hot day, or sunscreen. You can warm up in the shower afterwards.

And for the really adventurous, especially if you’re using Vit D less well as you get older, try an intra nasal UV device to boost your vit D intake No kidding! Look them up 🙂