also known as

Year of the Earth Pig

As Year of the Dog comes to an end on 5th February 2019, Pig/Boar trots in with keenness and the offering of a yellow flower. This flower has five petals, the number often associated with humankind. Its yellow colour is to bring illumination – a clarity of vision – truth and wisdom. We are invited to fill our solar plexus, each day, with a golden yellow glow.

Our canine guardian, throughout Year of the Dog, has had a challenging time, with many issues of injustice brought to the fore. These particularly involved human rights and animal welfare. Certainly highlighted were animal cruelty, abuse, vile breeding practices with the subsequent disgusting dealing and trafficking of innocent animals, particularly puppies. Seeds of light are germinating though with the soon to come into being ban on the third party selling of puppies and kittens. This will be implemented in England, as Lucy’s Law, this year. Let us hope Wales will follow very quickly and enforce the banning of puppies and kittens being sold by pet shops and by all commercial third party dealers and outlets. See: https://cariadcampaign.co.uk/lucys-law-explained/

Our new animal friend is the courageous Pig/Boar, under the dominion of the element Earth, who will attempt to keep us all grounded, strong and motivated. 2019 is the end of a 12-year cycle within the animal calendar/zodiac. It is therefore a time for completion, of letting go that which we no longer need in order to thrive. The year asks:

  • Are you in need of change or a new direction?
  • What needs to be done in order to facilitate this?
  • What needs to be looked at within yourself in order to initiate change?

Food for thought and feeling!

Earth Pig/Boar offers the qualities of fearlessness, resilience, honesty, sincerity, integrity, insight and tolerance, though there is also a streak of stubbornness! This latter influence is good as she/he insists we do not take all that is put in front of us as fact. We will need to wade through deceit and untruths with a degree of cunning – cunning with good intent, not negative! 2019 has the potential to be a most fertile year with enhanced creativity. Sometimes though, endings come before creations. The year may be unpredictable – keep your wits about you!

Other Earth Pig/Boar guidance is for us to tend Mother Earth well, to let go of fear, be change-makers, rainbow warriors, heroines and heroes, who walk in awareness and solidarity, with an earthy spirituality at the core.

Shine brightly fellow warriors!

Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.
From Walden, Life in the Woods
By Henry David Thoreau 1817-1862