2021 year of the ox

As we enter the second year in the 12 year cycle of the zodiac animal energies, on 12th February Ox boldly ambles into our sphere.  This is, however, after his first noble act, that of offering exhausted Ratty a ride back to his celestial home.  Though a powerful and tenacious creature, Ratty has rarely confronted a year such as that of 2020 in all his many times of stewardship.  He is glad to be able to hand over the reins to his Ox friend.  Ox, of course, takes on this challenge with courage, diligence and pragmatism.  The element associated with our celestial friend this year is that of Metal.  We have not been guided by Ox under the element of Metal since 1961.  What an era that signalled!

Ox represents an earthy, solid, powerful, reliable and trustworthy ally.  Firmly planted on Mother Earth, Ox will bring many much needed qualities and attributes for the year.  There is a strength, alertness and sense of calm that will enable us to deal with pressures in a more wholesome and grounded way than in 2020.  Ox is a being of few words. Those words, expressed candidly, are highly individual and articulate, often simple and gentle, firm yet caring, with sincerity at the core.  These can inspire much needed confidence and motivation.

Two aspects of our Ox guardian presented themselves: passive and assertive.  Both attributes/attitudes will play important roles in the choices we make this year.  Ox will be at our side encouraging us, quite strongly at times, as it is felt there is hard work ahead, with earnest and honest endeavours – Ox likes these!  It will not be a particularly comfortable year.  Things appear back to front, upside down, not congruent, with doublespeak, division and distortion of truths – Ox is hot on the truth! and offers that duplicity has no place anywhere.  Ox asks that we look beneath what is presented to us or what appears to be happening and to turn our attention away from it.  The more attention it gets, the more it grows.  Dear Ox does remind us that it may be necessary to accept the paths others choose, even though this may bring frustration or sadness.

Ox is asking that we keep our spirit, mind and body strong; that we work co-operatively and intuitively; that we use common sense, maintain self respect and do our homework or research in whatever sphere we are looking into.  Ox reminds us to never be coerced into anything or intimidated by anyone.   Ox’s energy offers resilience, smartness, collaboration, and suggests new ways of doing things, new strategies – barter bodes well.  Ox, like so many animals and humans, flourishes in quiet, peaceful and natural surroundings.  Develop or maintain a strong connection with our Earth Mother, feel her beneath your feet, work with her soil and her seasons.

Independent food production will become more important, also developing and honing skills with tools and implements.  Bronze (a copper alloy) tools are a boon for their energy in as much as they do not alter the soil’s natural magnetism as copper, a super-conductor, encourages the flow of earth-energies thereby nourishing precious plants.  These tools deter slugs and snails, stay sharp and do not rust.  It really does feel very different using copper/bronze tools.  Ours come from: www.implementations.co.uk whose tools are influenced by the work of visionary and inventor Viktor Schauberger.  Also, Denis makes little bronze knives for instance for chopping herbs and spices, pruning herbs and shrubs, taking cuttings or gathering herbs.  The advantage of using bronze knives in horticulture is that their copper content deters plant viruses.  Interestingly earlier generations, who understood the Nature Spirits, believed that the Faerie Folk disliked iron tools because they drained the lifeforce from the soil, whereas the bronze/copper tools fed it.

The influence of Metal in 2021 will, hopefully, cut through the myth that we humans have few choices; also that we can recognise and see through duplicity and dross; that we pay attention to our lungs and large intestine – so, plenty of outdoor exercise, deep breathing, singing, wholesome and nourishing foods, raw whenever possible, good amounts of water as pure as you can get or energised by crystals or sunlight.  Financial matters will of course be a feature, though it is recognised that true wealth resides within us.

In the ancient Northern European ‘language’ of the Runes and rune lore each letter/glyph/sign within their ‘alphabet’ depicts/represents either an animal, a tree, a natural force, an aspect of life, an emotion or a deity.  Each glyph is not just a letter.  Every one is said to contain power, wisdom, magic and mystery.  The second such glyph, often referred to as the U rune, is named Uruz: Aurochs.  Aurochs means Ox, actually Wild Ox, sadly extinct since the 17th century.  However it is thought that the aurochs is the most likely ancestor of modern domestic cattle especially the Highland cattle of Scotland and the American Longhorn.  The wild ox was a mighty beast, standing 6 feet at the shoulder with horns up to 6 feet long. A sight to behold!  Wild Ox stands for being singleminded, having inner power and individual will, having strength in reserve so that this can be called upon when healing and vital health are needed together with the ability to sustain effort.  Runes used to be carved on wood, bone, stone and metal.  Metal objects and talismans with runic inscriptions are said to be very powerful and mightily protective.  So, all in all, our celestial guardian for 2021, Metal Ox, has the potential to be a robust ally.

Wishing you a fruitful year ahead. May there may be some serenity amidst upheaval and may we always return to the quiet, still centre within for guidance and wisdom, Nicky XX