Fresh blueberries are still available. Of all the dark purple fruits they are not just packed with antioxidants, but taste marvellous.
If you are following a no sugar way of eating, perhaps because you need a ketogenic regime (see Dr.Myhill’s excellent advice) for a while, or know how good you feel when you have banished sugar, a small handful transforms a protein breakfast.
Seeds nuts, protein powders and a ferment of some sort, maybe kefir, or red cabbage sauerkraut, are enlivened by the burst of strong sweet flavour. See our recipes!
And thats all the fructose you need in the day. (sugar is sugar, whether named sucrose glucose fructose or plain cane or beet sugar).
So as part of an anti cancer diet, to reduce gut fermentation and because sugar is stored in the sort of fat it is hard to lose, and from places you really don’t want it, the solution is to develop your palate for savoury things.
Its not hard to like a second helping of a spicy stir fry, topped by handfuls of fresh spinach leaves, instead of pudding, or a fresh salad enlivened by lots of fresh herbs, with a rich guacamole sauce.

The trick is not to get starving hungry, especially not mid afternoon, and always have savoury snacks in the fridge instead of biscuits in the cupboard.
When you realise you have become really hungry, drink up to a litre of good water , add lemon or ginger slices to taste, make it a hot tea if you prefer.
This gives you a respite to find something sensible to eat. (NOT an apple, or worse, a banana)
If you are out all day keep a tub of nuts and seeds in the car, office desk or briefcase.
When you have pretty well weaned yourself off most sugar cravings, stress, getting really chilled, a piece of bad news, or an old challenge surfacing, can send you scurrying for the sweet comfort.
Flapjack is as bad as chocolate cake, tho admittedly it does have some fibre. (Watch yourself for weasel words) When you succumb, notice how awful you feel. Thirsty, your mood plummets, your liver reacts and you are irritable,
you don’t make good decisions, your gut is upset for a couple of days, any arthritic joints twinge and swell, you may notice your eyesight is slightly blurred for a while…. Thats ok. Thats how we evolved, avoiding poisons for survival of the fittest. You won’t die overnight, from a chocolate binge.
as our ancestors might have done when trying out deadly nightshade berries for food. BUT you are asking the liver to metabolise an unnatural food, and it has to store the unwanted resulting fat.
Many enlarged livers are from this cause, not alcohol.
We only have one liver. It is the major organ of elimination for all the normal bodily processes including food digestion, and if we abuse and reduce its capacity, it may not last for the eight nine or ten decades we need it for.

By the way our ancestors ate berries, and probably small wild crab apples. In the tropics where there were more luscious fruits, the birds and tree dwelling mammals would get most of them. Ubearably sweet modern grapes and apples, selectively bred bananas mangoes and papayas etc just were not available. It is only comparatively recently that we have distorted natural fruits for a debased palate and a commercial market. You can find wild blackberries and bilberries in season. These are fine, as are the raspberries blueberries blackcurrants and cultivated blackberries in your garden. Wild (alpine) strawberries make great ground cover. All these are unlikely to be eaten in excess. most gardens are small, they are only available seasonally and you have to pick them, which is a therapeutic balance , if you need it, to a stressful commute or a desk bound day. Even better take your protein breakfast into the garden and pick your berries fresh. What? get up early? just to harvest part of my breakfast? Well, your successful ancestors did.